Microsoft officially launches Loop, its Notion competitor

Microsoft officially launches Loop, its Notion competitor
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Microsoft is officially launching its Notion-like productivity and collaboration app called Loop.

Loop lets you use flexible, collaborative workspaces and pages to make it easier to cooperate on work. If you’re familiar with Notion’s interface at all, Loop looks and feels remarkably similar — right down to the ability to easily access a bunch of tools and formatting options by typing the forward slash key (which pulls up what Microsoft calls the “insert menu”).

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But because Loop is built by Microsoft, that means it has some useful integrations with other Microsoft software. For example, you can take parts of Loop pages and share them across other Microsoft apps like Teams chat and Outlook, which seems like a handy way to be able to work on things together without being forced to context switch between apps. Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot assistant is also available within Loop, which can help with things like drafting text and summarizing pages in the app.

Loop is generally available for commercial customers on the web and mobile, and the mobile app is generally available for consumer customers. Loop was released in public preview in March, and, according to Microsoft’s Matt Anderson, the consumer version of Loop on the web remains in public preview.

Update November 15th, 4:20PM ET: Microsoft confirmed that the consumer version of Loop on the web is still in public preview.


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