Financial Times signs licensing deal with OpenAI

Financial Times signs licensing deal with OpenAI
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The Financial Times has struck a deal with OpenAI to license its content and develop AI tools, the latest news organization to work with the AI company. 

The FT writes in a press release that ChatGPT users will see summaries, quotes, and links to its articles. Any prompt that returns information from the FT will be attributed to the publication. 

In return, OpenAI will work with the news organization to develop new AI products. The FT already uses OpenAI products, saying it is a customer of ChatGPT Enterprise. Last month, the FT released a generative AI search function on beta powered by Anthropic’s Claude large language model. Ask FT lets subscribers find information across the publication’s articles. 

Financial Times Group CEO John Ridding says that even as the company partners with OpenAI, the publication continues to commit to “human journalism.”

“It’s right, of course, that AI platforms pay publishers for the use of their material,” Ridding says. He adds that “it’s clearly in the interests of users that these products contain reliable sources.”


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