Google gives Chrome’s address bar a new shortcut that makes it easy to talk to its AI chatbot, Gemini

Google gives Chrome’s address bar a new shortcut that makes it easy to talk to its AI chatbot, Gemini
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Google’s new AI model, Gemini, is getting integrated into a number of Google’s existing products, including a handy shortcut for Chrome’s address bar. Soon, you’ll be able to access Gemini using the shortcut tag ‘@gemini’ to go straight into a conversation. 

The address bar in Google Chrome is dubbed ‘the omnibox’ by the company, in reference to it fulfilling many roles in the browser, and has other similar existing shortcuts such as ‘@bookmarks’ or ‘@history.’ You will now be able to open Gemini just as swiftly by typing ‘@gemini’ along with your request, question, or other input, and that should open Gemini to respond straight away. 

The new address bar shortcut is on the steady rollout, so your browser might already be capable of this new function, but if not, you should be able to do it very soon. 

This upgrade follows shortly after Chrome’s address bar got a major Google AI infusion to make its recommendations smarter and better-suited to you over time, and coupled with this development, you might notice a considerable improvement to your overall browsing experience. 

2024 has been a bustling year for Google’s new talkative AI and it’s received multiple enhancements, a notable one being expanding Gemini to support more languages (you can see a full list). The most recent languages added are Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

Google Gemini website displayed on Google Pixel 7a

(Image credit: Future / James Ide)

Another step in Gemini’s Chrome integration

Google is now providing app support for Gemini in Android and iOS. There’s a dedicated app for Android that you can download from Google Play Store or the ability to opt into Gemini through your Google Assistant app, and Gemini access for iOS users in the Google Search app. 

Google seems more confident and dedicated to Gemini than it did toward Bard,  but if it wants to have another hit product that becomes a user staple, it has its work cut out. As a chatbot, it does have ChatGPT to contend with and still has ways to go to measure up to Google Assistant. Google knows how to make products that people love to use, but industry observers do remain skeptical about Gemini’s position, as many see it as not up to par with competitors like ChatGPT and MetaAI.

Google knows how to make products that people love to use, but some people think that certain Google products have declined in quality. One of these is Google Search, which many people think is becoming increasingly harder to use, returning unhelpful results, and adding in AI where it might not necessary improve Search’s experience.

We’ll have to see what Google has up its sleeve next, hopefully unveiling its plans at I/O 2024 (its annual developer-focused conference) on May 14. 



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