Microsoft Edge just got a major AI upgrade to make the browser look sharper – and more is on the way

Microsoft Edge just got a major AI upgrade to make the browser look sharper – and more is on the way
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Microsoft is forging onwards with its mission to pack the Edge browser full of AI features, and the newest innovation allows you to generate your own themes for the browser, letting you express yourself more with the app.

The Theme Generator (previously spotted in a leak) uses generative AI to create themes such as, looking at the examples picked out in Microsoft’s blog post, summer landscapes or a ‘fantasy football season with your very own custom image to represent your team.’ The color of the browser frame can also be changed to match the theme, which is a nice extra touch in terms of a uniform overall look.

You can visit the AI Theme Generator website right now and have a look at some of the examples of what to expect from the feature, which to be honest do look pretty stunning. In fact, some of the examples kind of look like my own Google Chrome layout!

Edge Theme Generator

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Creating your own theme is as easy as visiting the site and typing in a description of the theme you’re after – the AI will then take over and hopefully concoct something suitable to fit your vision.

AI pepping up screenshots, too?

Want more AI in Edge other than this new theme creation feature? Well, you could be in luck, at least if clues spotted in the browser by Windows Latest are anything to go by.

In case you weren’t aware, Edge has a screenshot function, and it seems that Microsoft is mulling the idea of tying it in with Copilot somehow.

The theory is based on Windows Latest’s discovery of a feature hidden in a recent test build of Edge (in the Canary channel), namely: ‘msEdgeWebCaptureAskCopilotMenu.’

This functionality doesn’t work yet, but Windows Latest guesses that it could point to an ‘Ask Copilot’ option appearing in the window that pops up after you’ve captured a grab with Edge. Or it could simply send a screenshot that’s just been taken directly to Copilot in the browser’s sidebar, running a query on it.

The smart money is on one of those handy shortcuts, although of course because this isn’t even working in preview versions of Edge yet, it may never actually happen. However, given Microsoft’s big push to jam in as much AI as possible – to Edge, and Windows 11 in general – it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this feature inbound soon enough.



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